3 Reasons Why High Quality Arts Integration Can Improve Your Child’s Success in School

Arts integration is a hot topic in the world of education.  The advantages of arts integration  are proven to improve student success.  Here are three reasons why.

  • Arts Integration makes learning a hands-on experience for students.
    • When used effectively, the arts require students to actively engage in the process of learning.  A session in class will move from just a lesson to an experience.  Many times, students are subjected to learning in order to pass the test as opposed to learning for understanding.  Arts bring meaning and substance to academic subjects.  Just imagine learning about the Harlem Renaissance by acting it out in the form of a musical play.  This requires students to actively participate in the hands-on experience of learning, a much more effective way of imbedding information within students.
  • Arts Integration creates positive social interactions between students.
    • When participating in arts integrated learning, cooperative learning is many times the foundation.  Much like the positive effect of participating in team sports, the arts integrated curriculum requires peer cooperation in order to reach the ultimate goal.  For example, if an assignment called for a group of students to create a mural showcasing great inventors and their inventions, effective social interactions amongst students take place in order for the project to be a success.  Decisions have to be made, roles have to be defined, processes have to be executed, and constructive social interactions must happen to reach the goal.  Arts integration facilitates all of these things.
  • Art Integration promotes creative expression. 
    • Creative expression goes hand-in-hand with the arts.  Arts give students the opportunity to think outside of the box and produce artifacts that demonstrate their understanding of content knowledge while incorporating meaningful aspects of their personal interests.  If a lesson has to do with figurative language; writing poetry or songs would a perfect form of arts integration.  Each student will produce pieces of work unique to their own personality while fulfilling the academic requirement.  Lessons like this can also be extended to include visual representations of their poetry.  The reach of arts integration is endless.

Arts integration is a great way to engage students in hands-on experiences, positive social interactions, and creative ways of personal expression.

Do you think that high quality arts integration can improve your child’s success in school?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


9 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why High Quality Arts Integration Can Improve Your Child’s Success in School

  1. What is the difference in arts integration and cross curriculum? What does arts integration look like in art classes (such as music, dance, visual art, etc)?


    1. Arts Integration is a form of interdisciplinary/cross curriculum. Arts integration is arts (such as music, dance, visual art, etc.) integrated or used as the glue between academic content and objectives/goals. Many times core subjects are taught independently of other subjects. The arts is unique in the sense that it is so vast, thus allows for students to show mastery or understanding of any subject through a form of art.


      1. Art and creativity often synonymous, has been shown to stimulate new neural pathways in the brain as well as learning new things. I believe this revolutionary approach if integrated into the curriculum can ultimately lead to advances in the sciences and our society by giving new learning tools for the future scholars… As well as the old. Love it.


  2. Every great civilization has had arts at the core of its culture. Mr. New School enthusiastically engages and integrates students, arts and learning.


    1. Yes, Mr. New-School does engage students through arts and culturally relevant pedagogy. Arts has the ability to connect content to life through hands-on experiences and that’s what Mr. New-School prioritizes as a curriculum.


  3. Arts integrated learning is a great way to teach creativity as a way to address personal interest as well as problem solving. Through the arts, children are able to think in their own way about what topics mean to them and how to address them, giving them the opportunity to think outside the box through their own perspectives. Id be curious to know what are some of the most effective means of arts integrated learning (e.g., songs)?


    1. Very interesting comment Sarah. Arts can be integratevinmmany forms, all of which can be effective. Songs and music, visual and performing arts, digital and graphic arts; the list goes on. With students come different learning styles, therefore some forms may be more effective in certain children while other forms may work with others. The beautiful thing about arts integration is the range and flexibility that the approach offers to all subjects or all content areas. It gives students freedom of expression while showcasing mastery of academic goals and objectives.


  4. Arts integrated learning is a great way to engage children, particularly in areas of learning that can sometimes be mundane or difficult for children to grasp; or can just be a fun way of learning. I believe that arts integrated learning can enable children to think creatively about how they address topics and issues that they may face… i.e. thinking outside the box. I would be interested to know, what are some of the more effective ways of integrating arts in learning? Songs?


    1. Songs, drawings, paintings, poetry, performing arts such as acting and dance are all effective ways if integrating the arts in education. Technology can be utilized through graphic illustration and animation. Even including the culinary arts and fashion can bring about awesome arts integrated experiences.


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